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Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish VS. Regular Nail Polish

Did you know that regular nail polish is often made with a lot of chemicals that are considered toxins, and that they are distributed once it touches your nail? At Foot and Ankle Center of Iowa we have a fantastic solution to that: Dr.’s Remedy nail polish. The amazing benefit to this polish is that it carries garlic bulb extract, vitamins C and E, tea tree oil and others natural ingredients that are beneficial to your nail health, versus toxic for it. Dr’s Remedy nail polish color strengthens your nail as well as nourishes it. We have many options when it comes to colors here at Foot and Ankle Center of Iowa, from bright ‘SERENE’ salmon pink to ‘DESIRE’ dark brown.

Regular nail polish can cause nail damage and toxicity if eaten or ingested.  Regular nail polishes also have a propensity to damage the nail bed, turning the nail bed yellow. The pigment in the nail polish can soak into the top layers of the nail and dry it out, leading to long-term problems such a fungus. Dr’s Remedy is a nail polish that will keep the fungus away and keep your toes pretty.  Stop in at Foot and Ankle Center of Iowa to learn more and check out the great selection of colors we have, as well as our great selection of other wonderful Dr. Remedy Foot Care Products, such as remover, foot cream, and antifungal cuticle oil.

If you are more concerned about your nail discoloration or thickening, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our podiatrists to learn more about the treatment options a foot and ankle specialists can provide to help keep your toes healthy and beach ready!

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