• Hereditary condition
  • Deviation of the first metatarsal and big toe over time due to the forces of walking
  • Extremely common
  • 36% incidence
  • Shoes cause irritation and pain, but do not cause the bunion

A bunion is not just a bump it is a structural deformity

Most bunion procedures have a BAD reputation because cutting the metatarsal bone does not fix the problem

Lapiplasty restores normal anatomic alignment;
improving function and decreasing risk of recurrence of the bunion

What are our results with Lapiplasty & Fusion?

2018 Study of fusion in 195 of patients

  • 97.4 % completely healed

Very low recurrence rate for Lapiplasty®

  • 3% in published study @ 4 centers 2017
  • 1% in 2019 study of Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa patients
  • Very high function and satisfaction in 173 patients in a multicenter study published in 2022

What To Expect

  • An outpatient procedure lasting about 1.5 hours
  • Usually done with general anesthesia
  • We do just one foot at a time
    • The second side can be corrected after 8-12 weeks if needed
  • Pain is usually minimal to moderate and is controlled with a specific regimen of medications and nerve block
  • 6-7 weeks in a walking boot with light activity
    • Walking limited to 5-10 minutes each hour at first and progressing over that time to up to 15 minutes each hour
  • Return to heavier activity and sports after 3-4 months
  • As with all medical procedures results and recovery timing can vary from person to person

Possible issues following bone surgery

  • Swelling will be present for several weeks and could last several months
  • Scars can take up to 1-1.5 years to fade
  • There can be some numbness along the scars
  • Infection (<2% chance)
  • Need to remove plates and screws (5-10% chance)
  • Failure of bones to heal (<2% chance)
  • Recurrence of the original deformity (1-3% chance)
  • Need for further surgery (rare)